Choosing Heated Storage: Three Options To Consider

13 August 2017
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Heated or climate-controlled storage offers a convenient way to keep your personal items at a consistent temperature year-round. If you aren't sure why heated self-storage units are right for you, use this guide to learn a little bit more about what it can offer you: Protection For Antiques Antique furniture and accessories can be particularly susceptible to damage when the temperature changes. Antique wood can begin to warp or rot, and older metal items may begin to tarnish. Read More 

Storing Musical Instruments: Four Helpful Tips

11 August 2017
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Whether you are a musician in need of extra space for all of your instruments or you are a music teacher who needs to keep extra instruments stored away for students, a self-storage unit offers a great option for keeping your musical equipment tucked away safely. You will, however, want to take a few precautions to ensure your instruments stay in good working condition. Here are some helpful tips you can use when you rent a self-storage unit: Read More 

Awkward Breakup? 3 Ways To Keep The Peace As You Collect Your Things

9 August 2017
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You will never forget how happy you were the first day that you moved in with your romantic partner. Unfortunately, you have both found that living together only led to you growing apart. While you know that you might one day be able to look at your ex as a friend again, you can't help but feel awkward about having to pack up your things and move out. This is especially true if they still hold hard feelings that can instantly ignite into an argument. Read More