Awkward Breakup? 3 Ways To Keep The Peace As You Collect Your Things

9 August 2017
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You will never forget how happy you were the first day that you moved in with your romantic partner. Unfortunately, you have both found that living together only led to you growing apart. While you know that you might one day be able to look at your ex as a friend again, you can't help but feel awkward about having to pack up your things and move out. This is especially true if they still hold hard feelings that can instantly ignite into an argument. Although breaking up is always hard to do, you can smooth things over and still collect your things by using these strategies as you prepare to move out.

Discuss How to Divide Community Property

If you hope to have any kind of civil relationship with your ex in the future, then it is important to make sure that you are both on the same page about what you get to keep. Although you should naturally be able to leave with the quilt your grandmother made you as a child, your ex might have different plans for the coffee table that you bought together on your first anniversary. If possible, sit down and talk to your ex about any things that you own together. This way, you can make sure that you are both in agreement regarding what you take out of your former residence.

Arrange For Professional Services

When things are really tense with your ex, arranging for moving and packing services helps reduce the personal issues that can arise if you do it yourself. This is because a professional mover won't get caught up in sentimental notions as they place your belongings into boxes. Professional movers also get the job done quickly so that there is less lingering around your ex's house.

Involve Them In Planning the Move Out

Obviously, letting your ex walk in to an empty apartment is just bad form, and they will never forgive you for such an underhanded move. Instead, keep your ex in the loop by letting them know that you have arranged for moving services. This way, they can decide if they want to be home or not during the actual move out. Showing your ex that you respect their comfort with the situation helps keep everything on a more positive note.

There's no way around the fact that moving out of your ex's home is a sticky situation, yet you can make it better by handling it well. Once you arrange for your moving services, such as from Santa Fe Storage & Moving, simply talk to your ex about what you plan to pack and when you are moving. This way, they can be involved without feeling territorial as you move your things.