Storing Musical Instruments: Four Helpful Tips

11 August 2017
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Whether you are a musician in need of extra space for all of your instruments or you are a music teacher who needs to keep extra instruments stored away for students, a self-storage unit offers a great option for keeping your musical equipment tucked away safely. You will, however, want to take a few precautions to ensure your instruments stay in good working condition. Here are some helpful tips you can use when you rent a self-storage unit:

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

Instruments can become damaged in extreme conditions, particularly if you own violins, cellos, or other wood instruments. Chose a self-storage unit that has heating and air conditioning, and ensure that your unit will be kept at an even temperature. This can prevent the wood from warping and other types of wear and tear on your musical instruments. You may also want to use dehumidifying agents, such as baking soda or other moisture absorbers, to further protect your items in storage.

Invest In Hard Cases

Hard cases can provide added protection for your instruments in the event that they fall off of a shelf or get stepped on by accident. If you don't already have hard cases for your instruments, consider investing in some before you place your items in storage. Look for cases with soft interiors to provide added cushion, and opt for designs with secure latches that keep your instruments neatly in place. If you can't find hard cases, you can opt to put the soft cases in heavy-duty plastic storage bins for added protection.

Clean And Polish Your Instruments

To keep your instruments in great shape, be sure to clean and polish them before putting them into storage. Release the tension on stringed instruments, and disassemble any items that can be broken down. You can use acid-free tissue paper to protect your items from scratches and scuffs, and you can also use it to wrap the fingerboards on delicate violins for added protection. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning each instrument to prevent damaging them as you clean.

Keep Instruments Off Of The Floor

Even when placed in hard cases, your instruments aren't completely protected from damage. You'll want to make sure that your cases are stored off of the floor, as this will help to prevent them from being damaged by potential flooding or moisture on the floor. It will also help to ensure you don't trip over your instruments. Invest in a freestanding shelving unit, and arrange your instruments from top to bottom in order of size and weight, with smaller items going on the upper shelves, and larger, bulkier instruments going on the bottom.

With the proper care, you can keep your instruments ready for whenever you need them. Use this guide, and prepare your prized musical equipment for safe, long-term storage. Contact a company like Ventu Storage Center for more information and assistance.