What Could Lead To Ruin On Moving Day?

18 August 2017
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Moving is one of the experiences just almost everyone must endure. It is often complicated and without proper preparation, it can turn into a nightmare. Knowing what you should not do during a move is just as important as what you should do. If you are planning a move soon, here are a few mistakes that could further complicate it.


One of the main reasons that moves are derailed is procrastination. Some people mistakenly believe that moving is nothing more than tossing all their belongings into boxes and moving them to a new location. However, it is far more complicated. Every aspect of moving must be planned. Without planning, not only could the move take longer than necessary, but items could be damaged.

Planning does not begin the day before you are scheduled to move. Ideally, you should start to plan a few weeks ahead. You can use that time to find movers, declutter your home, and transfer your utilities and mail. If you are moving during a busy time of the year, such as summer, you should consider starting your planning a month or so ahead to ensure you can find an available moving company.

Failing to Label Boxes

Scrawling the name of the room the box belongs in on the exterior is not enough when packing. Without knowing the contents of the boxes, the movers cannot take special precautions to protect your most delicate items. As a result, an item could be damaged during the move.

Before placing any belongings in a box, create a label to affix to it that contains a listing of what is contained inside. To further avoid mishaps, you can use a color-coded system that would help movers quickly identify boxes with delicate items. In addition to this, you need to keep a running inventory list of what is packed so you can check off your belongings as they are packed in the new location.

Moving Yourself

Moving from one location to another can be expensive. However, you should not attempt to move alone just to save money. Even calling on friends and family can help is not a good way to save. Without using safe practices, not only could your belongings be damaged, but someone could suffer an injury.

It is possible to find movers who fit within your budget. If you need to save on the move, consider decluttering and hold a garage sale. Decluttering will also help to cut down on your expenses because movers typically charge according to the weight of the belongings. For more information, visit websites like http://www.bekins.com.