Want A Simpler, More Frugal Moving Process? Use These Cost And Time Saving Strategies!

26 July 2018
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If moving from one home to another is not something you look forward to doing, congratulations, you have something in common with thousands of other people all across the nation. Some dread moving because of the extra work and general disarray that comes from packing and unpacking every item in their home, while others are more concerned about the actual cost of the move or the amount of time it will take away from their normal routine.

In consideration of these issues, it makes sense to find ways to simplify the moving process, as well as finding ways to lessen the expenses. If you are preparing to move soon and looking for some tips that will make the process much better, here are some simple actions to consider. 

Make a plan, work the plan

Having a great plan—and sticking to it—is the best way to simplify and de-stress the moving process. This means starting well before the move and mapping out an accurate timeline that takes into account all the tasks that must be accomplished, including: 

  • selecting a date for the actual move and reserving a local moving service for this date
  • arranging for utility and service connections for the new home
  • gathering moving supplies, including boxes, labels, etc. 
  • packing each room in the home (a process that should be divided over several of days, yet scheduled to be completed well before the moving date)
  • making any necessary arrangements for pets during the moving process, such as reserving a boarding facility, updating vaccinations, or refilling prescriptions

A well-thought out plan will make tasks that take a long time, like packing, much easier and less stressful to manage because they can be broken down into micro-tasks over a period of days or weeks, instead of one last haphazard rush to throw everything into boxes. In addition, this type of plan will help to keep the moving process on track because each new goal is clearly visible. 

Lessen the load, lessen the cost

An excellent way to reduce the cost of the move is to choose not to move items that will no longer be needed or those that are due for replacement soon after the move. For example, instead of paying to move older large appliances and furnishings, consider opting to sell the current ones and use that money toward ordering new replacements for the new home. Since appliance and furniture companies typically offer free delivery and setup, homeowners who were planning to replace these items soon anyway can realize significant savings of both time and money when opting to do this. 

To learn more about the moving process and how to improve it, take time to discuss your situation and concerns with the customer service representative of a trusted local moving service in your area. These professionals understand how stressful moving can be and can offer real solutions to simplify the process for each customer.