An Overview Of Various Forms of Moving Companies

4 February 2020
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When looking for a moving company, it might be best to choose one that specializes in the services you need rather than a generalist. Below are some of the types of moving companies available today.

1. Full Service: Full-service moving companies handle everything; you just point out the items to be moved and they handle the rest. The movers will provide the packing materials, pack, load, transport, and unload the items plus any other service necessary for the move.

2. Partial: For partial service movers, you get to pick what you want the movers to do. For example, you can hire them to load and transport your items while you handle the unloading. The basic charge is for actual transportation while you pay extra for additional services.

3. Self-Service: Self-service movers only handle the transportation; anything else you do on your own. Many self-service movers will deliver the moving truck or container, wait for you to load it, deliver your items, and wait for you to unload it.

4. Local: Local movers only handle relocations over small distances. These are the companies to seek out if you want to move from one neighborhood to another one within the same city.

5. Long Distance: As the name suggests, long-distance movers specialize in moving people to far-flung destinations, but within the same country. You may need a long-distance mover if you want to move from one coast to the other.

6. International: For those who are moving into or out of the country, the international movers are the companies to consult. These companies use trucks, cargo planes, and ships to take things across international borders.

7. Specialty: Specialty moving companies specialize in specific categories of items. For example, some specialty moving companies specialize in bulky items, dangerous items, expensive items or fragile items. These movers will sort you if you want to move a grand piano, highly perishable items, or farm machinery.

8. Commercial: Commercial movers target businesses as their clients. Moving office chairs, computers, file cabinets, and other business items are their forte.

9. Residential: Lastly, some residential movers specialize in household items. These should be your go-to movers if you wish to relocate your entire household from one part of the state to another.

Many moving companies handle various forms of relocations. Therefore, the next time you want to move, start by comparing your options by contacting services like Above Average Moving.