Tips To Help You Unpack After Your Move

19 May 2021
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Even if you hire movers to help get all your belongings to your new place, you'll need to unpack everything on your own. Here are some tips that will help you get everything out of your boxes.

Pack An Overnight Bag With Essentials

Don't make the mistake of putting all your essential items in your moving boxes. You should pack an overnight bag as if you are staying at a hotel, with your essential toiletries, medications, and a change of clothes. If you end up exhausted at the end of your move and don't want to do any unpacking, you know that you have all of your essentials in one place and do not have to go hunting for them. 

Label Boxes By Their New Room

The key to keeping things organized at your new place is to label boxes by the rooms that they are going into. If you are upgrading and have extra bedrooms, a basement, or second bathroom, you will have items that need to go to new places. That's why labeling boxes with their new location will save you a lot of time. Your movers can take things directly to the rooms they are supposed to go in, and you won't have to shuffle things around.

Create Room Labels

Your movers are not going to know which bedroom belongs to each person or what bathroom is considered primary and secondary. Take the time to label each room so that the movers know which room is which. All you need to do is put a sticky note on each door or attach a piece of tape to the door with the name written on it. This will help save a lot of confusion, and get the boxes in the right room.

Unpack Room By Room

The best way to avoid a house that is completely cluttered after a move is to unpack one room at a time. With your boxes organized and in the right place, it should be easy to start opening up boxes and start putting things away. You'll feel more accomplished by finishing an entire room and being able to move onto the next one. This can also help you prioritize the rooms that are important, with unpacking things like your kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom first. 

Reach out to your moving company for more tips about unpacking all of your belongings at your new home.